pope-francis-and-screaming-child Homily

Call No Man Father

Well, if we’re paying attention this Gospel should cause us some difficulties. It should cause us to question some things, right, because we hear Jesus saying to the disciples, “Call…
Fr. Michael Denk
November 10, 2017
Love God First Homily

Love God First

I often use this Gospel whenever I do baptisms. So, for a newly baptized child I’ll use this Gospel in the Baptism Rite and then talk to the parents, the…
Fr. Michael Denk
November 1, 2017
flag-football-coach Homily

You Have A Coach

It’s football season here at St. Gabriel’s Parish. We always have some kind of game going on. Last week I had good friends from my first parish, St. Barnabas, here.…
Fr. Michael Denk
October 4, 2017